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Artist’s Statement: I like all sorts of arts and crafts, but I particularly enjoy drawing. I’ve always love the simple beauty of art created using nothing more than a pencil and paper. I work with graphite and coloured pencils, and use some pastel, charcoal and acrylic paint in my drawings.
My style is semi-realistic. Mixing fantastic elements with realism, using my experience and skills of realistic portrait artist, I try to create detailed and emotional art. I’m fortunate to have met many talented artists and have learnt a lot from them. I hope to continue growing as an artist, and will try improving my skills in each drawing I create.

Bio: Mayumi Ogihara is a self-taught pencil artist based in BC, Canada, originally from Japan. Many of her family members have artistic and creative minds, and she has been influenced by their beautiful works ever since she was a child. In 2002 she was hired to draw a portrait for the first time, and worked on about 20 commissioned drawings during three subsequent years. She has begun her art career in 2009, and started to draw fantastic art which is a genre she has always enjoyed.


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Hidden Treasure Melancholia Lamia