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Monika Holloway was born and grew up in Poland, in a lovely town near the Tatra Mountains. As a child she was always very artistic, living with her head in the clouds - playing classical guitar, drawing and creating fantastical worlds in her imagination. For many years she also studied violin, thinking that this will be her future. But life had different plans for her. In 2005 Monika decided to emigrate to England. Once there, she quickly settled in her day job, got married and focused on her family life.
And then, simply by chance, she discovered fantasy art. First time Monika picked up a paintbrush in Fall 2010 and straight away she realised this is exactly what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Painting became her drug, her biggest addiction. Now, over four years on, she couldn't exist without her fairies, unicorns and all those wonderful creatures who inhibit her soul and her dreams. She doesn't know where the artistic journey will take her but she knows one thing: there is no going back.
Artist's Statement

I'm a self taught fantasy/fairy artist based in Southampton, UK. Im lucky to live on the edge of New Forest National Park, home to wild ponies and incredibly beautiful wildlife.

I work mainly with watercolours and coloured pencils but I really enjoy exploring new mediums - I recently started incorporating pastels into my work and I'm also trying to learn how to paint with oils. Learning new things is very important to me, it motivates me to try harder, to always push myself one step further.

I love creating whimsical fantasy worlds and filling them with creatures who inhibit these places - fairies, unicorns, mermaids and elves. I also enjoy painting fantasy/surreal feminine portraits. My art is about mystery, about the unknown and the undiscovered, about things we dream about but are unable to remember once we wake up.


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Winter Rose Mermaids Treasure Unicorn Magic