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Artist bio:
Holly Broxson was born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA. She spent many childhood days playing make believe in her grandmother's yard.  Her love of  fantasy and  books influenced her desire to do art and would first be evident with the little paper books she taped together and illustrated as a small child.  Holly studied art, illustration and graphic design in college and worked in the graphic design field after graduating, continuing to create art in her spare time.  Her painting style has an organic feel and the focus is mainly feminine figures and faces with a fairy-tale style twist.  

Her work has been displayed in several art shows, and sold at festivals and markets.

Holly Currently lives in Colorado where she is constantly brainstorming and creating.

Artist Statement:
I use to play in a backyard that was full of magic. At least, that is how I perceived it. That is where some of my dreams were born, as well as in the story books from my childhood. These things have contributed greatly to the art that I do. I am always taking the inventions of my imagination and attempting to transfer them to whatever substrate I am using. I am inspired by make-believe, the macabre, the light, and even the absurd.

Many works that I do contain feminine subjects and tend to include elements of nature: trees, water, and mountains. It is as if I cannot help but add them to the pieces that I work on. I find these organic elements calming. It feels natural to want to include these majestic wonders in everything.

The style of my art greatly depends on the medium that I am using at the time, as if the medium contributes to how the image will turn out. Some pieces have been described by others as whimsical and other pieces dark. This part does not necessarily depend on the physical medium that I am using. It is rather like I am projecting my current muse onto the piece. Sometimes the inspiration comes from the stuff of myth or from a horror story or even from something that just bounced around in my thoughts for a while.

Currently, I am playing with new mediums and subjects. I have been drawing and painting a number of dryads. It is possible this will be an ongoing theme, given my obsession with trees. I also like to toy with darker characters such as the plague doctors that I have recently become fascinated with. I portray them in a more graphic art style mimicking the look of a comic book or graphic novel. As I have been exposed to the world of comic book art, I am finding that it has influenced at least a few pieces of my art. I am very interested in exploring this further.

Many things in life are mundane. Creating art is the simplest solution for me.


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Melancholy Feathered Fae Tree Lady