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 Sandra Hultsved is a self-taught artist, born 1989 in Sweden. She creates art to escape the dark reality - a world in decay, of loneliness and melancholy. Like a form of therapy to express her innermost feelings that she could not express in any other way. She mainly uses graphite pencils and ink, creating a unique style of drawing and painting fused together. Nature - particularly the forests of Värmland, where she grew up, is a huge source of inspiration. The forest is her safe haven to which she flees to endure a little bit longer. The same goes for her art. 
When Sandra first started drawing during her teens, she drew photorealistic portraits. But in 2009 she took a new turn and started experimenting with different mediums, wanting to find her own voice. She fell in love with ink. This medium allowed her to break free and start creating from her own mind. The roughness and dark feel of the ink suited her perfectly.