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Lily Buth is a self taught artist and full time student pursuing degrees in construction and civil engineering. During her free time she enjoys creating portraits with graphite powder and watercolors

Whenever I need to take a break from my intellectual pursuits, I relax with my art. Painting and drawing, for me, is a way to express my happiness and to explore my imagination and creativity.

I believe that passion is the essence of life, and so I try to fill every moment I have with only things that I love. This can take many forms, from flying, to finishing my bucket list, to circumnavigating the globe, to learning about the wonders of fungi, and to having the deep satisfaction of completing a painting.

Through my art I try to express the joy, wonder and beauty that I see all around me. This can be in subtle and soft lines of a face, painting the delicate petals of a flower, or weaving an intricate Celtic knot with my paintbrush.

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